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Website Design, Logo Design, and Branding

Web Design Tailored to Your Business Your corporate identity is important. And your website should match that identity to ensure your brand equity is being reinforced rather than diluted. Lumidant creates websites ranging from simple online brochures to complex interactive and dynamic applications.

Our sites are well-designed and adhere to industry standards and best practices ensuring you will be found by your customers whoever they are.

No-Cost Services Always Included (Your Own .com!) After your site has been created, you will need a .com address and a server for your site to run on. Our web design package includes 1 year of free hosting and a free domain name for as long as you keep your site with us. The best part is that we take care of it all for you and keep your website up and running.

Lumidant is based in Newport Beach, California in the heart of Orange County. But whether you're in the OC or on the other side of the globe like our client, you'll be well served by our custom and personal web design service.

Case Study Moon Rock Media, a web 2.0 consulting and marketing firm, came to us for a new logo design for use on their website and letterhead. Their request was that the logo be slick and bordering on cliché. The logo we designed emphasizes their positioning and targeting of the web 2.0 market by including the mirrored effect popularized by that market segment. Furthermore, we made an effort to use fonts contained in popular web 2.0 designs and purchased the right to use a premium font at no cost to our customer. Jordan Friedman, Project Manager for Moon Rock and graduate of NYU Stern, said of the final product: "I love it, slick logo. It looks great, nice work!".

Lumidant designed a logo for Moon Rock Media fit to their marketplace.